INSIDE: A Pompey Gamer’s Walkthrough

Portsmouth gamer Toxic Buddha takes on a thrilling new animated game, INSIDE, named “Best Independent Game” in the Game Critics Awards.

INSIDE follows the journey of a small boy running from a series of mysterious strangers, worm-infested animals and zombie-like humans who appear to have been the victim of a horrific experiment. The game, developed by Playdead, follows up on 2010’s runaway success Limbo, which similarly follows a nameless boy who finds himself in a terrifying environment searching for his missing sister.

Toxic Buddha, a lifelong gamer living in Portsmouth, decided to make the walkthroughs – Episode 1 of which is included above – to showcase what he believes is a ground-breaking game for the enjoyment of other gamers and non-gamers alike.

‘INSIDE is such an interesting take on the gaming experience. Playing it for me begs the question: Am I playing the game, or is the game playing me?

‘It’s also very inspiring that INSIDE has become such a rapid success because Playdead are a small, independent studio. It shows that a small independent team can make a triple A game in one of the world’s most competitive industries.’

We’ve featured Episode 1 of Toxic Buddha’s walkthrough above, but you can access the entire 7 part walkthrough on Toxic’s INSIDE playlist. You can also explore Toxic’s other gaming videos over at his Youtube channel.

In the meantime, we dare you to watch the first Episode of Toxic’s walkthrough without becoming thoroughly addicted.

Image (C) Playdead.