STAR POems: Point of View

Citadel of crows: dagger-beaked

above the motorcycles ranked

out front of Mick’s monster burger van.

Hop. Skip. Peck up what’s left over;

their bare-faced opportunism

rising and landing between the wheels.


This ridge is fortress, brick bulwark,

shelters homeland spread on seaboard

like a Lego metropolis.

Look down, look closer down:

tight terraces and concrete blocks,

CCTV in cages. Unseen divides.


Beyond our watery perimeter

childhood’s playful hills dissolve

as night and mist enfold them.

The lit city transforms to circuit board,

pulsing with connections

that define us but have no name.


Clouds sail over creeks and harbour:

not every view is postcard, but always

winds move the shadows on.

Islands give boundary, lend distance,

are where if you want you can be

your own professor of secrets.


Mark Cassidy.