In 2017, our Editor in Chief Sarah Cheverton judged entries to the Fratton Big Local writing competition, One Day in Fratton. The winners and runners-up in each of three categories can be found here as they are published.

9 – 11 years category

Runner up: Reece Stewart

Judge’s comment:

Reece recreated life in Fratton as it would have been for a working family in 1840 and made it as vivid as life in the present day.

Winner: Marnie Ripley

Judge’s comment:

Marnie created a surprising fantasy story that was beautifully written and kept the reader guessing til the end.


12 – 16 years category

Entries in this age category were so strong, our Ed in Chief and judge of the competition, Sarah Cheverton, insisted there were two runners-up.

Runner-up: Billie Legg

Judge’s comment:

Billie’s story about a young man visiting his mother used beautiful visual images throughout to lead the reader to its heart-breaking ending.

Runner-up: Elisa Dragomir

Judge’s comment:

Elisa’s story brought some of Shakespeare’s characters into the modern world and celebrated the people and places of Fratton, taking the reader on an exciting journey.


Winner: Tia Walker

Judge’s comment:

Tia’s story about her adventure with the lions in Fratton not only keeps the reader on the edge of their seat until the very end, but is also a profoundly moral tale about finding safety from bullies. Tia’s story was the clear winner and very impressive.


Adult category (17+ years)

Runner-up: Roushonara Khan

Judge’s comment, by Editor in Chief, Sarah Cheverton

Roushonara’s story of a kidnapping in Fratton keeps the reader on the edge of their seat throughout, while her descriptions of the people and places of Fratton makes the reader want to visit for themselves.

Winner: David Eamey

Judge’s comment:

David’s story surprises the reader and challenges the way we make assumptions about people, while celebrating football, Fratton’s best known sport, and the people who love the game.