8 Reasons Why I Voted Labour for Portsmouth South

Local writer and commentator Matt Wingett captured many S&C readers’ attention when he changed his mind about tactically voting for the Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth South and voted Labour. Here he outlines just some of the lies and distortions in the media during the election campaign that helped change his mind. During the election campaign, Read more

Election ’17: A Tory Win Will Bring NHS Privatisation and Social Division

Mark Wright talks to a South Asian resident of Portsmouth, “Charu Whitlam” – he requested S&C not to use his real name – about the privatisation of the NHS, the ‘fearful’ attitude of many Britons to migrants and the lack of ‘other’ perspectives on the root causes of terrorism.  Mark Wright: With the General Election Read more

Election ’17: UK to Crumble After June 8th?

Author and S&C Contributing Editor Gareth Rees asks whether, given the current political climate, the United Kingdom can survive as a united kingdom. And if not, might we finally start to deal with a few nostalgic national myths? When you leave your village and go abroad, you not only learn about another part of the world, Read more

Election ’17: Smears, Cuts and Real Alternatives with Jon Woods Part II

In the second part of Katie Roberts’ interview, Jon Woods of Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), discusses the ‘obscenity’ of Trident, the risks of tactical voting and the perils of Islamophobia. Katie Roberts: There’s a view that when people feel threatened by issues such as immigration and national security Read more

Portsmouth Green Party Event Highlights Plight of Refugees

The newly formed Portsmouth Green Party presents Journeys for peace, an evening with author and journalist Rory O’Keefe and peace activist and author Angie Zelter, at Friendship House on 26th October at 7pm. In the aftermath of the Libyan Civil War, author and former Portsmouth News reporter Rory O’Keefe worked at Choucha Refugee Camp in Tunisia, where he Read more

The Very Burnt-out Ends of Overwhelmingly Smoky Days

Local campaigner Rosy Bremer revisits her experiences as a feminist activist at Greenham Common’s Women’s Peace Camp. I think it unlikely, if not impossible, that T.S Eliot ever lived at a women’s peace camp at the depth of its decline. Strange, because his lines in Preludes sum up exactly what it was like living through Read more