8 Reasons Why I Voted Labour for Portsmouth South

Local writer and commentator Matt Wingett captured many S&C readers’ attention when he changed his mind about tactically voting for the Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth South and voted Labour. Here he outlines just some of the lies and distortions in the media during the election campaign that helped change his mind. During the election campaign, Read more

Election ’17: A Tory Win Will Bring NHS Privatisation and Social Division

Mark Wright talks to a South Asian resident of Portsmouth, “Charu Whitlam” – he requested S&C not to use his real name – about the privatisation of the NHS, the ‘fearful’ attitude of many Britons to migrants and the lack of ‘other’ perspectives on the root causes of terrorism.  Mark Wright: With the General Election Read more

Election ’17: Theresa May Cannot Protect this Country

Portsmouth writer and resident Richard Williams has never been so angry with a politician until now, when Theresa May has managed to avoid scrutiny over her record on counter-terrorism and national security, while elements of the media construct Jeremy Corbyn as weak and wobbly on these issues. ‘Enough is enough.’ So now we know. Theresa Read more

Election ’17: ‘Monstrous’ Corbyn’s Blowback Truths

The Labour leader’s comments on British foreign policy last Thursday have been slammed by blowhards and hypocrites. Mark Wright makes the case for a more mature response. ‘No rationale based on the actions of any government can remotely excuse, or even adequately explain, outrages like this week’s massacre. But we must be brave enough to Read more

Election ’17: Smears, Cuts and Real Alternatives with Jon Woods Part II

In the second part of Katie Roberts’ interview, Jon Woods of Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), discusses the ‘obscenity’ of Trident, the risks of tactical voting and the perils of Islamophobia. Katie Roberts: There’s a view that when people feel threatened by issues such as immigration and national security Read more

Why I Support A Second Referendum

A response to the first referendum and hopes for a second from Francis Lovering, a concerned Portsmouth resident and European. The recent referendum has left more people distressed than the aftermath of any general election or political process I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. My children and many of my friends, including many who Read more

The Paris Attacks: A Resident’s Comment

By Sameen Farouk How many of us can remember where we were on September 11th or July 7th? From now on we must remember where we were on November 13th too. Many communities around the world have their own special days for mourning, regrouping, recovering. We must stand in solidarity with Paris, but also Beirut, Read more

The Camouflaged Campus: Portsmouth University and the Dealers of Death

Tom Sykes explores the ethical problems with Portsmouth University’s ongoing involvement with the international arms trade. In 1969, Professor Noam Chomsky joined a commission to investigate the financing of his university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A prescient and forthright critic of the Vietnam War, Chomsky was shocked to discover that the US Defense Department was Read more