Election ’17: The May is All for U-Turning, and the Soundbites Can’t Hide It

The great political soundbites are vividly memorable and powerfully persuasive. But, as Mark Wright argues, the current Conservative election campaign is obsessed with empty platitudes that barely conceal the u-turns, flip-flops and mis-steps that have seen the Tories’ opinion poll lead shrink to a single point. ‘If you couldn’t say it in less than 10 Read more

Press and Social Media Masterclass for Writers

S&C are delighted to partner with Portsmouth Writers’ Hub, the University of Portsmouth, and New Writing South to offer a masterclass in being published and promoting yourself as a writer, at the University of Portsmouth on 25th June 2017. Join S&C editors Tom Sykes and Sarah Cheverton to learn how to: Get your fiction and journalism Read more

Election ’17: It’s Not Easy Being a “C” Word

In response to S&C’s call for Conservative perspectives on the election, Ian Morris explains why he will be voting for the incumbent party despite the strong feelings he has encountered online and off.  Sadly yes it’s true, I am a Conservative. You might think that, at a time when we have a majority Conservative government Read more

Getting Our Heads Round Grief

Grief is a natural response to the loss of something, or somebody, very dear to us. Portsmouth-based writer and motivational speaker Rikki May shares his hard-earned advice on the subject. It’s inevitable that all of us will experience loss at some point. Loss affects so many people and in a variety of ways. There’s an Read more

Pompey Bar Room Banter 1: The Tale of Tank

S&C contributing editor John Oke Bartlett has been collecting anecdotes from Portsmouth pubs for years. This one has an unexpectedly explosive denouement. There is nothing better than whiling away the time in an old pub with a pint of fine ale and engaging in friendly chitchat with the locals. The Nelson, now closed and long Read more

Everyone Goes to Sleep – Except Me

Claire Pearse reports from the frontline of insomnia where the hardest battle is against boredom and time passing far too slowly.  You would never guess it but being awake in the early hours of the morning is extremely boring. Here I sit at my messy desk in my university halls room. The curtains are shut Read more

The Southsea Food Tour: Aurora Café and Lounge

In a brand new series for S&C, journalist and food critic Emily Priest will be visiting Southsea’s most delectable diners, exquisite eateries and luscious luncheonettes. Named after the statue above the Kings Theatre, Aurora Café and Lounge has been in business since 2015 when it replaced Magick Bean. Since then it’s been making a big Read more

Disneyfied Disability: Are Kids’ Films Causing Bigotry?

Portsmouth-based writer and activist Paige Tabone is worried about the depictions of disabled people in some of our best-loved movies. Film and TV play an important role in shaping the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that emerge in our childhood and the ideas that we carry into adulthood. I don’t know about you but I got Read more

Guns, Glitter and Gewgaws: A 1950s Christmas

In a S&C Christmas exclusive, actor, playwright and S&C Contributing Editor John Bartlett recalls the Christmas customs of his childhood. Some of these customs remain with us, others now seem alien or eccentric. In 1956, my father Reg fell ill whilst serving on board the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. He had to leave the ship Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Tom Harris

We present an excerpt from chapter one of Tom Harris’ new novel, The Sweep, a fantasy adventure set in an alternative, steampunk-inspired London. This is a capital divided by wealth and corruption, run by a fractured law, where monsters haunt the night and where the downtrodden slave to survive; it is a time of Masters Read more