Election ’17: ‘We Should Show a Brexit Settlement to the People’ with Darren Sanders

Darren Sanders, Liberal Democrat candidate for Portsmouth North, talks to Mark Wright about the need for affordable housing in Portsmouth, the importance of consulting the British public on any Brexit deal and the function of alternative, hyperlocal news organisations in a modern democracy. Mark Wright: With the General Election coming up, what for you are the important issues at both Read more

STAR POem: Edward King – Artist

By John Pearson   On used scraps of board, paint brush strokes made their mark – the silent aftermath of a city scarred, blitzed, battered and burned; rubble piled high in streets, glass splinters, heaps of plastered bricks, floor-boards, door frames – decades of honest Portsmouth dust.   Away from war-damage you painted your St Read more

Star POems: St James’ Hospital

Again I leave the ward and look out through the windscreen at the bluebells on the grass, again see Sister’s eyes. She’d thought I knew that if you went home it would be to pass your last few weeks with him. It would be sad to separate them, she said in that glass cubicle with Read more

Donna Trump Wants St James’s Grounds for Solent City HQ

Our resident satirist, Claire Denise Udy, reports on a bizarre twist in the saga of the new Solent Authority. The leader of Portsmouth City Council, Donna Trump, today announced plans for the soon-to-be defunct grounds of St James’ Hospital to be bulldozed, and the Solent City headquarters to be built in their place. The HQ Read more

What’s Happening in Syria Once Happened Here Too

New Star & Crescent Contributing Editor, Gareth Rees, takes a philosophical and psychological tour of Portsmouth’s own Cathedral of St Thomas. A guy from Dubai once told me that if, in his travels, he couldn’t find a mosque, a visit to a cemetery would be an adequate substitute. My mind flies to old Mr Goddard Read more


By Maggie Sawkins. Gentian (with a g as in gate) is late. He was scraping dishes last night at Ken’s Kebabs. One day, he says, when he’s mastered this lingo, he’ll have a restaurant of his own. He takes his place beside me. I lay out the books, explain the aims: to improve pronunciation; to Read more

Listening To The Silence: Remembering St James’ Hospital

Christine Lawrence takes a walk around St James’ Hospital, tracing the long history of the building and recalling her time working there in the 1980s as she wonders about the plans to sell and convert the Hospital buildings to housing. St James’ Hospital, a beautiful example of Victorian architectures standing proud at the end of Read more