The Southsea Food Tour: The Belle Isle

Our resident gourmand Emily Priest returns with another review as part of her ongoing series on Southsea eateries. With the summer approaching, the Belle Isle has been getting busier and busier with people drinking and laughing outside it in the sun. Now, with a new menu, it’s even more popular so I thought it was Read more

STAR POems: All of Me

By Helen Larham   I have always loved him despite his neglect so when I stepped out onto the sea he bore my full weight, everything: All those times I had ventured in and they had laughed at my frantic back stroking and butterflying like a frog. My woollen costume expanding in the water corrugating, Read more

The Extraordinary People of Portsmouth: Mary Goodchild

In her latest profile of everyday yet remarkable Portsmouthians, S&C Contributing Editor Christine Lawrence meets a 103-year-old lady who recalls Zeppelins, D-Day and the Great Depression. Maud Mary Goodchild, known as Mary to her friends, a delightful lady and Portsmouth resident, was born in Brighton in 1913. She spent the first eight years of her Read more

Are We Losing Our Community Spirit? The Struggle to Keep Southsea Greenhouse Alive

Sue Stokes, founder of Southsea Greenhouse Community Co-operative, explores the social revolution at the heart of community groups and the challenges involved in keeping the dream of a caring, sharing Portsmouth alive. When I left school I had the usual teenage delusions. I thought I could fly, that my ideas had legs and that the Read more

In A Moment

By Helen Elliott Salt-spray foam glided over shell and stone with all else still despite the season. I cleansed my lips to taste the day dropped my gaze, blocked out the grey counted colours; speckled pinks and starfish golds spotted blacks, like poppy seeds dotted on part-weathered stones. I stopped to silence the crunch of Read more

Portsmouth Caption Challenge #1

We posed a challenge to our readers recently to come up with captions to a range of pictures. Here’s our first response to the Southsea seagulls from Jodie Cole. Bird one: “I’m well hard.” Bird two: “What’s your name then?” Bird one: “Steven Seagull, innit!”   Think you can do better? Find out how here.  Read more

A Polar Bear in Southsea. Part III

JS Adams vividly imagines Portsmouth in the throes of eco-apocalypse in the third part of his serialised story. There are estimated to be around 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears left living in the wild. That’s about the capacity of the 02 Arena during a One Direction pop concert.  That’s Fratton Park with a good turnout. Read more

Seasonal Tides

By Helen Elliott   Pastel palette beach huts Sun-bleached on the Solent, pebbled sands, Awaiting summer’s curtain call The closing of her seasonal demands. On the morrow, they stand weary To greet autumn aurora with a smile, Tip a wink and bid adieu Their job is done, it’s time to rest awhile. As nights draw Read more