Election ’17: Penny Mordaunt’s Turkish Tall Story

Poet and photographer Richard Williams is not a member of any political party and has no axe to grind. However, he would like our politicians to act with integrity and to know what they are talking about. Penny Mordaunt, incumbent MP for Portsmouth North, slipped below such standards during the EU referendum’s Leave campaign. It Read more

STAR POems: On the Success or Otherwise of Disposable Barbecues

Not like that time at West Wittering, a gaggle of teenage girls, enough matches to model a battleship. Each sparked a flicker of yellow soon extinguished; a barbecue that wouldn’t burn. Eventually we got it going, huddled bags and boxes around damp coal and spent splints of wood. The wind dropped enough for smoke to Read more

Scamming a Scammer: An Epistolary Story Part II

Most of us ignore those shady emails offering us dubious investment opportunities in far-flung lands. But not the Portsmouth poet Richard Williams, who returns with part two of a decidely dastardly series. December 17th Dear Mr Anslem Kim, My name is Richard Dastardly and I am a personal friend of Joseph Mobutu. We are conducting Read more

Scamming a Scammer: An Epistolary Story Part I

Most of us ignore those shady emails offering us dubious investment opportunities in far-flung lands. But not the Portsmouth poet Richard Williams. December 2nd 2015  Dear Friend, I am the first son of the late Mobutu Sese Seko, the former President of the Congo Republic. I am presently under protective custody in Nigeria as a political refugee. I got Read more

Picks of 2015 – Pompey Cultcha

This week we’re revisiting some of our best pieces from 2015. Today a handpicked selection of some of our finest fiction, poetry and culture pieces. William Sutton – The Crème of Local Writing “I recommend seeking out places locally owned and staffed. There are several reasons. Invest your pennies in local enterprises and enterprising locals, rather Read more

Bird in Hand

By Richard Williams   The FA Cup 1939 – 2008 We drink in the presence of greatness. A glorious bird of paradise that fills the room with life. Wanderers to Portsmouth all roads between, a coach trip ride through hedge-screened fields.   This monochrome world that we engraved as so many lives were sliding past. Read more

Spice Island Looking Back

By Richard Williams   And nothing much has really changed: before spinnakers both concrete and canvas, before outlet shopping centres all these restaurant chains with make-believe authenticity from China, India, Italy, Americas and everywhere in between, before ro-ro ferries and banana boats, before Hermes, Invincible and all the rest out past the crowds South Atlantic Read more

The Next Station Is

By Richard Williams   Portsmouth and Southsea then Fratton and Hilsea, clattering over the creek to the points at Cosham west to Southampton, Salisbury and Cardiff, east to Brighton, north to Waterloo.   And you will catch your breath in her reflection, watching the world from a window seat, as seasons concertina in ripening fields. Read more