Election ’17: Green Grass Roots Activism with Ian McCulloch

Ian McCulloch, Green Party candidate for Portsmouth South, talks to Mark Wright about electoral reform, the unpleasantness of Laura Kuenssberg and his party’s proposed second referendum on leaving the EU. Mark Wright: With the General Election coming up, what do you think are the important issues at both local and national level? Ian McCulloch: A Read more

Election ’17: A Rowner Remainer Under Brexit Siege

Writer, adventurer and planetary modeller David Angus feels under siege. He lives in a part of Gosport that was vulnerable to the propaganda of the Leave campaign during the EU referendum. So how will the General Election pan out for Gosport, Britain and Europe? This morning I got the Conservative party manifesto through my letterbox. Yesterday Read more

Election ’17: Penny Mordaunt’s Turkish Tall Story

Poet and photographer Richard Williams is not a member of any political party and has no axe to grind. However, he would like our politicians to act with integrity and to know what they are talking about. Penny Mordaunt, incumbent MP for Portsmouth North, slipped below such standards during the EU referendum’s Leave campaign. It Read more

Election ’17: The Liberal Smearing of Jeremy Corbyn

We all know about the right-wing media’s hostility to Corbyn, but plenty of left-liberal commentators such as Jonathan Freedland are making unjust and inaccurate allegations against him too. David Cromwell of Media Lens reports. In bygone years, defenders of the Guardian‘s supposed ‘progressive’ credentials would typically cite the presence of Seumas Milne, Owen Jones and Read more

Election ’17: Fake News is Old News

As the General Election approaches, questions are being asked about the reliability of media reporting and the possible impact of fake news on public opinion. But, argues Katie Roberts, such controversies have been around for a long time. The term fake news is being thrown around as if it were, well, news. Since its inception, Read more