Zapped by Emperor Galloway: Portsmouth UKIP, the Homeless and Science Fiction

Horror author and satirist Justin MacCormack examines UKIP’s latest local gaffe through the lens of dark and dystopian science fiction. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower inferno, I expected there to be a respectful pause before our politicians began calling for a purge of the poor. But no, UKIP quickly stepped up to the Read more

Election ’17: Close-Up on Flick Drummond’s Voting Record

Ahead of the general election, S&C Ed in Chief, Sarah Cheverton, takes a critical look at MP for Portsmouth South, Flick Drummond’s voting record across a range of issues since her election in 2015, with the help of the full voting records kept by Social issues Voted against allowing a terminally ill person to Read more

Election ’17: A Modest Proposal for a Tory Future

Teacher, poet and commentator Guy Walker offers an uncompromising personal opinion on the prospect of five more years of Conservative rule. Thinking about voting Tory in June? Do you consider yourself a decent person? What you are saying by voting Tory is: I want the NHS to be razed to the ground and replaced with Read more

Election ’17: Make Your Tactical Vote Count

Want to stop the Tories from winning yet again in Portsmouth? Writer, historian and S&C regular Matt Wingett argues that tactical voting is the only realistic option. This year’s General Election looks set to bring five more years of Tory rule, highly aggressive and damaging Brexit negotiations in Europe and, at home, more ideological austerity, Read more

Is Austerity Bad For Portsmouth’s Mental Health?

S&C Contributing Editor, Maddie Wallace, reports on the impact of austerity on mental health services in Portsmouth and across the country. In 2012, amidst much media fanfare, David Cameron set out his vision for ‘Parity of Esteem‘ between mental and physical health. The Health and Social Care Act decreed that ailments of the mind and Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Tom Harris

We present an excerpt from chapter one of Tom Harris’ new novel, The Sweep, a fantasy adventure set in an alternative, steampunk-inspired London. This is a capital divided by wealth and corruption, run by a fractured law, where monsters haunt the night and where the downtrodden slave to survive; it is a time of Masters Read more

Portsmouth is a Divided City, But Not in the Way You Think

Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Luke Stubbs, explains why he believes Portsmouth’s social divisions are between the east and west – rather than the north and south – of the city. In politics at least, much is made of Portsmouth’s north/south divide. Voting patterns differ in the two halves of the city and there Read more

STAR POems: These Streets

I was born here, under Maggie’s rule. Living beneath her Spitting Image character hanging from a telecom wire overhead. The youth here knew hate before they knew love and everybody hated the Iron Lady. Everything here was grey; from the rows of well-worn tenements and dirt-strewn streets to the sunken eyes of every battered wife. Read more

From Student to Sugar Baby: Portsmouth Students Seek Arrangements

The University of Portsmouth has more students than any other university in Britain signed up to a controversial “Sugar Daddy” dating website. Andrea Smikle investigates. Online dating has evolved a lot since 1995 when was founded. There are now sites that connect people who share the same religious beliefs or belong to the same ethnic group. Advances in Read more

Crimes of Austerity

As a woman, a mother, a cancer sufferer and a mental health patient, Maddie Wallace is a frontline victim of the Tories’ austerity measures. Here she pinpoints the damage that’s been done by ideologically-driven cuts and what we as citizens can do to stop it. Last month, the United Nations released a report criticising the British government’s austerity measures because they Read more