What Kind of a City Are We? How Portsmouth Treats Refugees

Many international problems have a local dimension, and the refugee crisis is no exception. Andrew Larder asks whether our city, which has a long and proud tradition of welcoming desperate people from all over the world, could be doing more for those fleeing violence, privation and persecution.  How far is twenty miles from Portsmouth Guildhall? Read more

Portsmouth City Council Must Support Homeless People, Not Scapegoat Them

Portsmouth resident and community activist, Alan Burgess, responds to UKIP’s Cllr Galloway and his motion for ‘the local police force to be more vigilant and to help the Council to remove the ever increasing beggars and rough sleepers that are beginning to dominate the city’, in a deputation he will give at the Full Council Read more

Zapped by Emperor Galloway: Portsmouth UKIP, the Homeless and Science Fiction

Horror author and satirist Justin MacCormack examines UKIP’s latest local gaffe through the lens of dark and dystopian science fiction. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower inferno, I expected there to be a respectful pause before our politicians began calling for a purge of the poor. But no, UKIP quickly stepped up to the Read more

Consiglio Cittadino: A Dantean Journey Through Portsmouth City Council

By Simon Sykes   At one point some way along our path in life, I woke in Verge’s place, Amongst the dark wood, within the city, a wilderness, harsh and brute. Verge, having saved me from wolf or leopard; I forget – at first mute, then spoke; ‘Tea?’  I replied only to provoke his wise Read more

From Peru to Pompey: Climate Change is Closer Than You Think

Lily Anderson-Neyra, a former Portsmouth resident and co-founder of Portsmouth Climate Action Network, reports on the impact of climate change in her birth country of Peru, and asks Pompey to help those affected. Additional reporting by Sarah Cheverton. This story begins in 1980 when, as a 20 year old, I moved from Peru, my birth Read more

Board (Games) With Portsmouth Politics

Portsmouth visual satirist and S&C regular Mike Gumbrell creates a new take on an old classic with a board game based on Portsmouth Politics, Portsmouthonopoly.   Read more

An Open Letter to Donna Jones

In a letter to the Leader published exclusively on S&C, contributor Rosie Bremer takes a tongue in cheek look at the reduction in funding facility time passed by Portsmouth City Council on 14th February. Dear Mrs Jones, I’m so sorry I was unable to attend the recent Portsmouth City Council meeting discussing reducing facility time for Read more

Democracy in Portsmouth? It’d Be a Good Idea

In the wake of recent protests both local and global, journalist, political commentator and S&C editor Tom Sykes questions how representative our elected representatives really are – in Portsmouth and beyond. Criticisms of democracy have been around since the birth of democracy itself. But new questions are being asked in the West about how fair, Read more

Is Austerity Bad For Portsmouth’s Mental Health?

S&C Contributing Editor, Maddie Wallace, reports on the impact of austerity on mental health services in Portsmouth and across the country. In 2012, amidst much media fanfare, David Cameron set out his vision for ‘Parity of Esteem‘ between mental and physical health. The Health and Social Care Act decreed that ailments of the mind and Read more

Question Local Health Leaders on NHS Plans

Next week Portsmouth residents have an opportunity to ask health and social care leaders questions on Hampshire and IOW Sustainable Transformation Plans (STP) setting out the future of local NHS services, at a public meeting called by Portsmouth Healthwatch. Editor in Chief, Sarah Cheverton reports. In late December last year, S&C worked with a Portsmouth Read more