Election ’17: The Marshal and the Mayniac

Portsmouth-based historian and acclaimed author of The Knight Who Saved England: William Marshal and the French Invasion 1215-17, Richard Brooks, argues that important lessons from the medieval period should be remembered in this current age of Brexit, economic crisis and nationalist bigotry. 800 years ago, England was divided and beleaguered. Through ineptitude and treachery King John had lost Read more

Election ’17: The May is All for U-Turning, and the Soundbites Can’t Hide It

The great political soundbites are vividly memorable and powerfully persuasive. But, as Mark Wright argues, the current Conservative election campaign is obsessed with empty platitudes that barely conceal the u-turns, flip-flops and mis-steps that have seen the Tories’ opinion poll lead shrink to a single point. ‘If you couldn’t say it in less than 10 Read more

Conscience and Conflict

Richard Warburton has his preconceptions challenged by a beguiling exhibition of British artists’ reflections on the Spanish Civil War. Propped up on my desk is a reproduction of Miro’s small propaganda poster ‘Aidez l’Espagne’. Its yellow clenched fist rallied support for the republicans fighting on the Iberian Peninsula. I refer to it when tempted to Read more