Election ’17: The May is All for U-Turning, and the Soundbites Can’t Hide It

The great political soundbites are vividly memorable and powerfully persuasive. But, as Mark Wright argues, the current Conservative election campaign is obsessed with empty platitudes that barely conceal the u-turns, flip-flops and mis-steps that have seen the Tories’ opinion poll lead shrink to a single point. ‘If you couldn’t say it in less than 10 Read more

Eye on Portsmouth: Playing with the Pompey Patois

Meditations on Marx, Pompey architecture and translating the local lingo. Local resident Mike Gumbrell turns his satirical eye to some of Pompey’s unique foibles. Read more

Things You Hear Around Portsmouth

James Bicheno takes an affectionate look at the local lingo. If you are a visitor to this lovely island city of ours you could well overhear certain words and phrases you might find curious, baffling or simply odd. While some of these might sound familiar, there may be some you might not know so well… Read more