Films Are Not Your Friends: A Multimedia Workshop on Movie Propaganda

Do you ever wonder if films and TV shows are deliberately trying to make you think a certain way? Is anything “unsayable” on screen? And what happens if you do say it? In this 90-minute multimedia workshop, you can select clips from dozens of films – including the Marvel, James Bond, and Meet the Parents Read more

Zapped by Emperor Galloway: Portsmouth UKIP, the Homeless and Science Fiction

Horror author and satirist Justin MacCormack examines UKIP’s latest local gaffe through the lens of dark and dystopian science fiction. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower inferno, I expected there to be a respectful pause before our politicians began calling for a purge of the poor. But no, UKIP quickly stepped up to the Read more

Breaking from the Bond

As Spectre is about to be released on DVD, Richard Warburton examines how Bond has changed over fifty years and what this latest incarnation owes to previous ones. His angle contrasts with another Spectre review from regular contributor, Daniel Malice, here.  Bond is back. Bond bleeds. Bond drinks beer. Bond shags a 51 year old. James Bond ballyhoo is Read more

Spectre: Modern Setting, Retro Bond, Bringing the Bad Guy Home

Daniel Malice explains why Daniel Craig’s most recent representation of Bond failed to measure up in Spectre. Warning – contains multiple spoilers throughout. For the most part, I liked Skyfall. It continued the themes established in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Bond didn’t swagger around sun-drenched vistas in sunglasses and shorts while effortlessly and mindlessly Read more