Election ’17: Theresa May Cannot Protect this Country

Portsmouth writer and resident Richard Williams has never been so angry with a politician until now, when Theresa May has managed to avoid scrutiny over her record on counter-terrorism and national security, while elements of the media construct Jeremy Corbyn as weak and wobbly on these issues. ‘Enough is enough.’ So now we know. Theresa Read more

Election ’17: Smears, Cuts and Real Alternatives with Jon Woods Part II

In the second part of Katie Roberts’ interview, Jon Woods of Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), discusses the ‘obscenity’ of Trident, the risks of tactical voting and the perils of Islamophobia. Katie Roberts: There’s a view that when people feel threatened by issues such as immigration and national security Read more

The Spirit of Diversity Lives In Pompey

Rosy Bremer reports on her action responding to a recent hate crime at the Madani Academy, Portsmouth. In a moment of idle procrastination recently I did one of those time-wasting internet tests – like what Harry Potter house are you in? How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse? How would you rid the world of nuclear weapons? Read more

A Brief Walk Around God, Ignorance and Southsea

S&C’s culture correspondent sees signs of God in Southsea and gets pondering….   I am trying to find that in-between space, somewhere amid Richard Dawkins and Isis; between Page 3 and the niqab. But all the while, I am humming that “Take Me to Church” song by Hozier: “I’ll worship like a dog at the Read more

Is Islamophobia a Problem in Portsmouth?

Local students talk to Abigail Lofthouse about their experiences of Islamophobia as she explores the rise of anti-Muslim attitudes in the UK. Islamophobia is a growing issue in the UK. With a rise in EDL demonstrations and an increase in people voting UKIP, it is clear people are misunderstanding minorities. The New Statesman’s website dedicated Read more