Election ’17: A Tory Win Will Bring NHS Privatisation and Social Division

Mark Wright talks to a South Asian resident of Portsmouth, “Charu Whitlam” – he requested S&C not to use his real name – about the privatisation of the NHS, the ‘fearful’ attitude of many Britons to migrants and the lack of ‘other’ perspectives on the root causes of terrorism.  Mark Wright: With the General Election Read more

Election ’17: Theresa May Cannot Protect this Country

Portsmouth writer and resident Richard Williams has never been so angry with a politician until now, when Theresa May has managed to avoid scrutiny over her record on counter-terrorism and national security, while elements of the media construct Jeremy Corbyn as weak and wobbly on these issues. ‘Enough is enough.’ So now we know. Theresa Read more

Election ’17: A Rowner Remainer Under Brexit Siege

Writer, adventurer and planetary modeller David Angus feels under siege. He lives in a part of Gosport that was vulnerable to the propaganda of the Leave campaign during the EU referendum. So how will the General Election pan out for Gosport, Britain and Europe? This morning I got the Conservative party manifesto through my letterbox. Yesterday Read more

Election ’17: Smears, Cuts and Real Alternatives with Jon Woods Part II

In the second part of Katie Roberts’ interview, Jon Woods of Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), discusses the ‘obscenity’ of Trident, the risks of tactical voting and the perils of Islamophobia. Katie Roberts: There’s a view that when people feel threatened by issues such as immigration and national security Read more

We Care, But We Don’t Want You Here: A Message to Syrian Children

New S&C satirist Ash Jones unleashes his savagely satirical pen on April’s vote to refuse Syrian child refugees asylum in the UK, in which Pompey MP Flick Drummond sent a clear message to Syrian families with her ‘no’ vote. Back in May, Tory MPs surprised the public by unabashedly displaying at least an ounce of Read more

If You Want a Nincompoop for Your Neighbour…

We reluctantly present some words of praise for Portsmouth’s most (in)famous Conservative by Sir Eugene Nicks QC, KBE: soldier, lawyer, lover, brother, mother and Policy Advisor to the All-Portsea Conservative, Regressive and Imperial Association (established 1799). Ladies, gentlemen and your valets, before I wax on and wax off about the scalding topic of the day, Read more

Star POems: Ferries at Southsea

At George’s, we see the ferries coming in, huge trays of light buoyant in the dark blue evening, floating out of the night towards the palm trees, towards the young drunk spraycanning the pavement, his words sputtering away. We watch the ferries, coming in, their unsteady flickerings like poems, freighted with the dead, the living Read more

Portal Double Zero Part II

By Jon Crout Otto was allocated a bunk in a dormitory, and he only realised how much his aching body needed to rest once he was lying down. As he stretched out, he thought deeply about what he was finding out. Everything seemed great. Compared to what he was used to, problems were being solved, Read more

We Buried My Dad in the Woods

S&C Contributing Editor Christine Lawrence shares what happens when a loved one dies suddenly and you discover that they want a natural burial with no ‘fuss’. What followed was an interesting journey which brought her closer to her father than she had been for some years. We buried Dad in the woods. He didn’t want a religious ceremony Read more

A Corrupting Influence Part II

By Laszlo Dumitrescu. Now I am a member of the club, I send driver to Southsea to fetch a case of vodka. We drink shots, and because he is a special friend I make Sir Philip drink his shot through the eye. He scream ‘bloody hell,’ and ‘Christ, you fucker.’ Police commissioner John Griffiths and Read more