Beyond Southsea Food: Choc & Truffle

It’s easy to forget that Portsmouth isn’t just Southsea, that hidden gems are scattered across the entire island and not only down by the sea. Food critic Emily Priest goes off the beaten track and finds a little-known chocolate paradise. Tucked away in a street in Hilsea is a little chocolate studio. You may not Read more

The Southsea Food Tour: Umami Street Food

Continuing her quest to eat out at every Southsea eatery worth eating in, Emily Priest drops in to a delightful global fusion restaurant to sample ‘the fifth taste’.  What is the fifth taste you may wonder? It’s meaty or brothy and in Umami Street Food’s case, it’s also spicy and moreish. Its Elm Grove address blends world cultures Read more

STAR POems: Gentle Giant

My dad is a big man A big man’s-man sports fan He shows his affection with food Keeping the dish a secret from me until the last minute So he can see my delight at my favourite meal Our sacred game When I was in hospital he looked after my money plant The leaves frosted Read more

STAR POems: Grapefruit

Late autumn in Lavender Hill and I perched in her kitchen, a Frigidaire to my back. Florrie Mac rolled the fruit with her back to the Belling. Pigeons flirted on rooftops, and the distance between us shrank from fifty-nine years to a square of formica. When she felt the fruit yield she dug deep, nails Read more