Mindful Dolt Guru

Hi there, I’m the Level 9 Eminently Mindful Dolt Guru Sadhu Juju-Master Sandwich-Artist Masai-Harmer, but you can call me Kevin. Welcome to the Temple of the Shadow of the Dyslexic Monkey and to this ancient, proto-pagan, pre-Zoroastrian healing sacrament that I made up in February 2006. I’m real new to Portsmouth and I’m hoping you Read more


By Chris Campbell. Robert was in his early sixties and had lived alone since his wife had died almost two years ago. He had a daughter who lived in Eastbourne, down on the south coast of England. He lived on the outskirts of Oxford only two streets away from where he was born. He had Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Tom Harris

We present an excerpt from chapter one of Tom Harris’ new novel, The Sweep, a fantasy adventure set in an alternative, steampunk-inspired London. This is a capital divided by wealth and corruption, run by a fractured law, where monsters haunt the night and where the downtrodden slave to survive; it is a time of Masters Read more

Portal Double Zero Part II

By Jon Crout Otto was allocated a bunk in a dormitory, and he only realised how much his aching body needed to rest once he was lying down. As he stretched out, he thought deeply about what he was finding out. Everything seemed great. Compared to what he was used to, problems were being solved, Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: William Sutton

An excerpt from Lawless and the Flowers of Sin, William Sutton’s second Victorian mystery, published by Titan Books and launching on 12th July 2016. Sergeant Lawless explores the nightlife of Soho in his role as inspector of vice. This later takes him to Portsmouth Harbour, where he sees women brought ashore to Spice Island. The Read more


By Shelagh Simmons So that’s it.  The twisted, burnt effigy to so much destruction in our lives – itself meeting a violent, blazing end – is finally sold.  The property developer will raze what is left to the ground and start again.  If only the hurt and the memories can be so swiftly erased.  If Read more

The Haunting of the Froddington Arms

By Christine Lawrence. It was a dark night and windy.  I had walked across the marshes from Portsmouth town, keen to get away from the fevers, the evil humours from the effluence left by the King’s army.  I’d spent half the year in Portsmouth, working day and night plying my wares to the troops, hoping to make enough sovereigns to take Read more

The Blue Plaques Blue Army Gang

By Jon Crout 11 June 1974 ‘Do you think this film they’re making is named after me?’ asked Owen. He grinned. ‘Not likely, Tommy,’ said Holbrook, licking his ice cream. ‘I doubt architecture is really their thing.’ ‘Now, now,’ piped Unwin. ‘Long hair and loud music doesn’t automatically mean they’re uncultured. Quite the opposite, really. Read more

Spine Acher

By Jon Crout Details that are presented as historical fact are continually subject to interpretation and reinterpretation. Accounts of historic events are only as reliable as those making the record, and will inevitably be subject to the reporter’s own perspective. So make what you will of the stories of a mysterious figure that supposedly lived Read more