Films Are Not Your Friends: A Multimedia Workshop on Movie Propaganda

Do you ever wonder if films and TV shows are deliberately trying to make you think a certain way? Is anything “unsayable” on screen? And what happens if you do say it? In this 90-minute multimedia workshop, you can select clips from dozens of films – including the Marvel, James Bond, and Meet the Parents Read more

You Say You Want a Revolution (Part II)

In the second of a special series of articles, cultural historian Dr Dave Allen looks back at Portsmouth in the late 1960s, a heady scene of hippies, hallucinogens and high quality music. San Francisco, London and other hip centres of the western world celebrated their ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967 after which we are told, Read more

Are We Letting The NHS Fail to Justify Privatising It?

As local junior doctors prepare to join their colleagues across the country for next week’s strike action, Dr V. Wagner is raising awareness of the government’s ongoing attack on our health service – collating the Portsmouth NHS Storybook and organising a screening of Sell Off, a documentary about the privatisation of the NHS. On 26th Read more

The Siege of Somerstown Part I

The Siege of Somerstown: Being a Portion of the Records of a General of the Fifth Hants Involuntary Air Rifles Concerning an Infantry Sortie on Behalf of the Crown and Portsmouth City Council’s Department of Colonial Warfare Sir Eugene Nicks, QC, KBE is a modest man who doesn’t normally like to discuss his highly distinguished Read more

Portsmouth for Beginners: Part 1

Nica Tomasiello is an Italian award-winning short story author, novelist, comic book and film writer, interactive fiction storyteller, and freelance translator, currently studying at the University of Portsmouth. In this article, originally published on her blog, Nica answers a series of questions from a potential Portsmouth student about her experiences of the city.  Lunablush is Read more