Election ’17 Results: Desperation, Not the Left or Right, is Driving Politics

S&C regular and local writer, Matt Wingett, explores the growing resentment with austerity that drove the results of last weeks’ general election, and how the Prime Minister could have so badly misunderstood the electorate. It’s not the left and it’s not the right that has been driving politics in the last few years. That’s the Read more

Election ’17: Covering a Snap Election – the View from the Frontline

Editor in Chief, Sarah Cheverton, revisits the last 6 weeks of election fever in a behind-the-scenes look at how S&C worked with local residents and writers to bring alternative perspectives to local mainstream news. When Theresa May called a snap election on 18th April, my heart sank, for many reasons. Chief among them was the Read more

Election ’17: ‘Positive Change for Our Country’ with Stephen Morgan

Mark Wright speaks to Labour candidate for Portsmouth South Stephen Morgan about the urgent need to fight the Tory cuts in Portsmouth, his enthusiasm for Labour’s radical manifesto and the necessity for all of us to engage with the democratic process.  Mark Wright: With the general election coming up, what do you think are the Read more

Election ’17: Close-Up on Flick Drummond’s Voting Record

Ahead of the general election, S&C Ed in Chief, Sarah Cheverton, takes a critical look at MP for Portsmouth South, Flick Drummond’s voting record across a range of issues since her election in 2015, with the help of the full voting records kept by TheyWorkForYou.com. Social issues Voted against allowing a terminally ill person to Read more

Election ’17: ‘A Better Future for the City’ with Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Liberal Democrat candidate for Portsmouth South, talks to Mark Wright about the problems facing Portsmouth, how the Conservatives ‘buy elections’, and how the Lib Dems have moved on from 2015. Mark Wright: With the General Election fast approaching, what do you think are the important issues at both national and local level? Gerald Read more

Are GCSEs Bad for Portsmouth Students’ Mental Health?

This summer students will sit tougher GCSEs in English and maths. As the exam season looms on the horizon, Portsmouth GCSE student, Tanzeela Rahman, reports on the pressure on teenage students’ mental health as they prepare for exams. Balancing ten subjects all at the same time isn’t the easiest thing in the world. When every Read more

Hey Prime Minister, Leave Our Schools Alone

Portsmouth teacher and historian Dr Dave Allen considers forty years of changes in the education system in light of the current debate about the return of grammar schools. Imagine you’re at a social event, one of those where a person’s opening gambit is to ask ‘and what do you do?’ The security guards, fashion designers, brain Read more

Age is Just a Number: Mature Student Life in Portsmouth

Between 2009 and 2014, the number of students aged 21-24 at the University of Portsmouth rose by 11 per cent. Sian White thinks it’s time we talked more about what being a mature student is really like. To be labelled a mature student you must be aged 21 or over. According to the Oxford English Read more

Welcome To The Virtual World, Portsmouth

JS Adams explores virtual reality at the White Elephant in Southsea and finds himself imagining the potential of a whole new (virtual) world. I am at the White Elephant in Cromwell Road Southsea, home to an arts community and shop. A small unassuming place, White Elephant holds a new porthole, a star gate, a digital Read more

Tim Backhouse Season: The Life and Times of a Pompey Legend

The late great local historian Tim Backhouse examines the life and times of a true Pompey hero. By the time that John Pounds died in 1839, he was, despite his modest and humble lifestyle, arguably the most famous person in Portsmouth. His fame had also spread well beyond the bounds of the old town to Read more