Troll-Eye Spam: Facebook Firebrand

What challenges do digital media pose to journalists and activists seeking the truth? What is the truth anyway and does anyone still care about it? Self-proclaimed ‘Facebook firebrand’ Troll-Eye Spam tries – and rather fails – to answer these questions and others. Oi oi web-els and wiki-lutionaries, meme-preachers and malware-contents, I’m here to tell you Read more

Election ’17 Results: Jack Caramac Special 1

After his popular Election ’17 Specials – check out Part I, Part II and Part III – Jack Caramac returns with some post-election responses to the media, and to our political leaders, at home and abroad. Read more

8 Reasons Why I Voted Labour for Portsmouth South

Local writer and commentator Matt Wingett captured many S&C readers’ attention when he changed his mind about tactically voting for the Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth South and voted Labour. Here he outlines just some of the lies and distortions in the media during the election campaign that helped change his mind. During the election campaign, Read more

Election ’17: The Death of Smarmy Robot Politics?

S&C Contributing Editor JS Adams wonders, amongst other things, whether this election offers alternatives to the usual slick, tightly-managed candidates we’ve been used to ever since the Blair days.  Ask yourself this question: What sort of world am I living in right now? If your answer is that it’s a happy, reasonable and compassionate world Read more

Election ’17: Jack Caramac Special Part III

It’s election week and S&C visual satirist Jack Caramac is back with the final part of his Election Special series, re-imagining political leaders from the UK and USA in ways you’ve never seen before. Read more

Election ’17: Jack Caramac Special Part I

S&C’s resident visual satirist Jack Caramac returns with a bumper election hamper of take-offs, send-ups and put-downs. The not-so-great and the not-so-good beware!   Read more

How a Portsmouth Pepper Went Viral and Became ‘The Trump Pepper’

Leader of Southsea Community Choir and Natural Voice Practitioner, Janet Ayers, never expected a Facebook joke to go viral last December. In this S&C exclusive, Janet writes about how ‘The Trump Pepper’ is still making the news, six months on. I enjoy posting on Facebook. I like the game of putting something out there, a Read more

Election ’17: No Tactical Voting, Labour Can Win Portsmouth

Claire Udy is an occasional satirist for S&C. She thought joining Labour in 2015 after Corbyn was elected would be a hobby for her to learn about politics. Instead it changed her life. In that short amount of time she has already witnessed a local election, an EU referendum, and a Labour Party leadership challenge. Read more

Election ’17: Portsmouth Socialist Party Backs Jeremy Corbyn

When the leader of the opposition pledges to bring the railways and energy giants under public control, you know this is no ordinary election. Joe Larkin, a member of the Portsmouth branch of the Socialist Party, explains why he is voting for Labour this election. There is no doubt that the Labour Party’s manifesto – Read more

Election ’17: Smears, Cuts and Real Alternatives with Jon Woods Part II

In the second part of Katie Roberts’ interview, Jon Woods of Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), discusses the ‘obscenity’ of Trident, the risks of tactical voting and the perils of Islamophobia. Katie Roberts: There’s a view that when people feel threatened by issues such as immigration and national security Read more