Mindful Dolt Guru

Hi there, I’m the Level 9 Eminently Mindful Dolt Guru Sadhu Juju-Master Sandwich-Artist Masai-Harmer, but you can call me Kevin. Welcome to the Temple of the Shadow of the Dyslexic Monkey and to this ancient, proto-pagan, pre-Zoroastrian healing sacrament that I made up in February 2006. I’m real new to Portsmouth and I’m hoping you Read more

S&C Presents… Taking the P Out of Pompey: Satire in a Dangerous Age

‘Ours is a useful trade, a worthy calling. With all its lightness and frivolity, it has one serious purpose, one aim, one speciality, and it is constant to it: the deriding of shams, the exposure of pretentious falsities, the laughing of stupid superstitions out of existence.’ So wrote Mark Twain over 100 years ago, but Read more

Taking Trump Down a JPEG

Donald Trump is facing revolt from within the Republican Party, but doesn’t seem to care much. Time to take him down a JPEG or two, reckons Portsmouth visual satirist Jack Caramac. Images by Jack Caramac. Catch him live and unleashed over at his Twitter page. Read more

Live! Tonight! In Portsmouth! Possibly…

Presented by TS Evinrude, Gorgeous Cretin and Omnimoda Music. There’s a ticket tonight that is hotter than quark-gluon plasma. It’s the only place to be. It’s the lateral earache epitome. It’s the auditory equivalent of a Dutch ping-pong volcano. It’s the fossilized clitoris of the lady in the lake. It’s hair colouring rampant with a legless Read more

Think Tank: The Podcast Part I

Back in April, stand up comedian Joe Wells wrote about what motivated him to create a new series of live political comedy shows called Think Tank. If you missed it, fear not, because Joe has kindly allowed us to share the podcast with you. The first Think Tank took place before the General Election at the Read more

A ‘Clash of Worlds’: Think Tank Puts the Laughs into Politics

Stand up comedian Joe Wells writes about his new project bringing together politicians and comics for themed political debate. If I have achieved just one thing in the past 5 years working as a stand up comedian it is getting the vegan, transvestite, anarchist, metalhead, comedian, Andrew O’Neill on the same stage as the Conservative Read more

Review: An Evening with Alexei Sayle

Tess Foley reviews a recent performance by alternative comedian, Alexei Sayle at Winchester Discovery Centre on 11th March 2015. ‘Who is that fat bastard?’. It was the rude word that made me pay attention it’s true, but I looked up and into the intense, permanent-marker-drawn face of one Alexei Sayle and he became my original Read more