Election ’17: ‘Positive Change for Our Country’ with Stephen Morgan

Mark Wright speaks to Labour candidate for Portsmouth South Stephen Morgan about the urgent need to fight the Tory cuts in Portsmouth, his enthusiasm for Labour’s radical manifesto and the necessity for all of us to engage with the democratic process.  Mark Wright: With the general election coming up, what do you think are the Read more

Election ’17: A Modest Proposal for a Tory Future

Teacher, poet and commentator Guy Walker offers an uncompromising personal opinion on the prospect of five more years of Conservative rule. Thinking about voting Tory in June? Do you consider yourself a decent person? What you are saying by voting Tory is: I want the NHS to be razed to the ground and replaced with Read more

Portsmouth – A City Divided by Council Priorities?

Katie Roberts asks some searching questions about the development of the wealthier southern parts of Portsmouth at the expense of the poorer north. These days the coast of Portsmouth is characterised as the smart shops and eateries of Gunwharf Quays and the fancy glass Sky Deck of the Spinnaker Tower. Southsea is home to the city’s Read more

Voter Turnout in Portsmouth – A Tale of Two Cities?

In a city where political opinion can be so diverse – and yet so related to where you live (yes, Drayton & Farlington, you Tory heartland, we’re looking at you) – how does turnout affect the city’s political landscape? Is Portsmouth becoming more politically engaged or less? And to what extent does where you live Read more

What Politicians Say and What They Mean: Part I

Sources:  Portsmouth News:  Tory boss rejects claim of ‘financial incompetence’ Portsmouth City Council: Current children’s centre provision (9 centres and 16 satellite sites) Portsmouth City Council: Proposed new structure (6 hubs and 9 satellite sites) Contributors: Cal Corkery and Sarah Cheverton Read more

Life in Somerstown

Sarah Cheverton interviews Robert, a resident of Somerstown, about the challenges he has faced since he moved there with his wife in 1992. Robert asked to remain anonymous. His name, and the names of others living and working in Somerstown, have been changed. I meet Robert in the new Somerstown Hub, a state of the Read more