Films Are Not Your Friends: A Multimedia Workshop on Movie Propaganda

Do you ever wonder if films and TV shows are deliberately trying to make you think a certain way? Is anything “unsayable” on screen? And what happens if you do say it? In this 90-minute multimedia workshop, you can select clips from dozens of films – including the Marvel, James Bond, and Meet the Parents Read more

Pompey Satire: Trump’s Cards, Cronies and Cat

S&C satirists Mike Gumbrell and Matt Wingett take aim at Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, two of the world’s most powerful men, if not two of the world’s most pleasant. Read more

‘How Can This Be?’ The Surreal New World of Donald Trump

When he heard the news of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, Portsmouth University cultural historian Dr Van Norris was forced to reckon with an uncomfortable new reality that feels weirder and more surreal than the weirdest and most surreal of films. Increasingly, these days I feel like Jack Nicholson at the finale of the excellent Noir Read more