Abuse and Addiction Are Devastating: I Choose Not to Be a Victim

Lauren Sherry shares a poignant family story of abuse, addiction and violence, and argues that such suffering needn’t necessarily lead to the misery of victimhood. From an early age I knew my dad was an alcoholic. He’d had an odd relationship with his parents. While I was raised smothered with affection, by contrast my dad Read more

Star POems: Ferries at Southsea

At George’s, we see the ferries coming in, huge trays of light buoyant in the dark blue evening, floating out of the night towards the palm trees, towards the young drunk spraycanning the pavement, his words sputtering away. We watch the ferries, coming in, their unsteady flickerings like poems, freighted with the dead, the living Read more

Diving into the Wreck: ‘How Easy It Is To Slip Into Addiction’

Portsmouth writer and Star and Crescent regular Will Sutton reports on Diving into the Wreck, a moving performance on addiction and recovery by poet Maggie Sawkins and director Mark C. Hewitt, funded by the Big Lottery. “There’s a murderer in my head, and he wants me dead.” Within five minutes of Diving into the Wreck, Read more

A Booze-ography

Former wine merchant Richard Warburton examines the role alcohol has played in his life – and in the lives of strangers, friends and family members. The theory of ‘irreducible complexity’ cites the eye as an organ too complex to have evolved through natural selection. Creationists brandish this news aloft like a holy relic and use it Read more

A Version of Death

Before she became an addiction recovery worker, Jane Muir was an alcoholic. Here she shares some of her darkest experiences… and that moment of clarity that made her sober up.  When I was drinking I didn’t really wake up, I came to. I don’t think I experienced real sleep when I was drinking – I drank Read more

A Life in the Days of Kieran, Recovery Worker

Kieran Judge compares days from two parts of his life: before and after recovery. A Day in the Life of Kieran – After Recovery I start my day with a protein shake: a concoction of kale, peanut butter, milk, oats and protein powder. It tastes nicer than it sounds. I’ve become a bit of a Read more