Abuse and Addiction Are Devastating: I Choose Not to Be a Victim

Lauren Sherry shares a poignant family story of abuse, addiction and violence, and argues that such suffering needn’t necessarily lead to the misery of victimhood. From an early age I knew my dad was an alcoholic. He’d had an odd relationship with his parents. While I was raised smothered with affection, by contrast my dad Read more

War is Failure: An Interview with a Veteran for Peace Part II

In the second part of our exclusive interview, Veterans for Peace‘s Southeast of England Coordinator Graham Horne talks to Tom Sykes about combat stress, the relationship between the military and the education system and how the new Cold War might go hot. Tom Sykes: Would you say there’s a disconnect between the state’s attitude to Read more

Saved by the Rats Part II

Our Contributing Editor Gareth Rees concludes the harrowing story of a World War II serviceman from Portsmouth who was taken POW by the Japanese. Find Part I here if you missed it. I crawled through the mud down the sides of the prisoners’ huts but then had to cross about fifty yards of exposed ground Read more

Saved by the Rats: Stories of a POW Part I

In the 1980s, Gareth Rees advertised for a good personal story in The News. A man rang him and said he’d been a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II. When Gareth went to Waterlooville to meet the man he wasn’t sure whether to let Gareth into his flat because he noticed Gareth had Read more

War is Failure: An Interview with a Veteran for Peace Part I

Veterans for Peace (VfP) is a group of ex-military personnel committed to raising awareness about the human, social and economic costs of war. It is opposed to the use of war by any nation to achieve foreign policy objectives. VfP’s Southeast of England Coordinator Graham Horne recently spoke to Tom Sykes. Tom Sykes: Could you tell Read more

Where are my Human Rights? Mental Illness and Solent NHS Trust

A month ago, local resident Charlotte Farhan wrote an open letter to the NHS and Adult Mental Health Services asking for help with her ongoing acute mental health issues. She’s still waiting for it to arrive. Here, Charlotte explains what it’s like for people with acute mental health living without the support they need in Read more

Portsmouth Equine Strangles Causes Social Media Stampede

The placid world of horse owning doesn’t usually find itself in the eye of an abusive social media storm. But Portsmouth equestrian Alice Lawrence’s experience was particularly unusual… Strangles. Maybe we should change the name. Would that stop the panic the word causes every horse owner? Back in March my horse Blue was confirmed to Read more

After Brock Turner, When Should We Talk To Our Sons About Rape?

Local writer and blogger Maddie Wallace explains why the recent case of Brock Turner prompted her to talk to her sons about consensual sex and rape. In a week that has seen the internet afire with condemnation of the Stanford rape trial judge’s lenient sentencing of Brock Turner, I decided to sit down with my Read more

I Was Attacked For Being Disabled

Paige Tabone was brutally attacked in a Portsmouth nightclub simply for being disabled. Here she makes a passionate plea for changes to the law, police procedure and public attitudes. Many scenarios go through your head before a night out. You imagine stumbling around singing with your friends or regretting the kebab that seemed like a Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Roz Ryszka-Onions

In our continuing season showcasing Portsmouth’s literary talent, we present a snippet from Roz Ryszka-Onions’ latest novel When Love Dies (available here in full). After unhinged and power-hungry data broker Val posts revenge porn photos of his ex-lover, her reaction is not quite what he anticipated. Your hands are large and competent as you drive through the Read more