The Week’s 5 Essential Releases Worth Listening To

Jordan Osborne, S&C online editor and founder/editor of online culture publication Vendor, rounds up the week’s biggest music releases. The new Kendrick Lamar album is the inevitable standout this week but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be furthering your musical horizons. This week’s collection of essential releases is one of the most eclectic of the year Read more

STAR POems: Guildhall, Portsmouth

i.m. Edward King (1862-1951)   The painting looks a bit off, wonky walls splay from the vertical, the roof is gone. Light streams from between colonnades like flames. It might be sunbeams through the guildhall’s ribs.   Six incendiaries torched the building, so hot the copper cupola melted. Records, art work, furniture: all gutted, The Read more

A Slice of Toast

By Christine Lawrence There I am, one day, just walking back from dropping my car off at the workshop, feeling really good about myself and determined to enjoy the morning sun. I’m thinking about losing weight and wondering how long it’ll take to get home. The walk should take about an hour, I figure, when Read more

STAR POems: Destruction of Oyster Street, Portsmouth

i.m. Edward King (1862-1951)   You’d hope, so close to St Thomas’s church it would be safer, but they bombed it flat, straight up.  Edward King had time to paint it, like those Western film stages, all frontage but nothing behind, except the rubble. He painted quick, before they tore it down.   It’s a Read more

Are GCSEs Bad for Portsmouth Students’ Mental Health?

This summer students will sit tougher GCSEs in English and maths. As the exam season looms on the horizon, Portsmouth GCSE student, Tanzeela Rahman, reports on the pressure on teenage students’ mental health as they prepare for exams. Balancing ten subjects all at the same time isn’t the easiest thing in the world. When every Read more

The Degree Dilemma

These days students choose between studying a subject that they love or one that could lead to a stable career. But in these difficult economic times how do we know for sure which subjects will result in employment after all that hard work and debt? And is going to university in your late teens or Read more

WWBD? (What Would Buffy Do?)

Portsmouth University student Penny Ward delves back into her childhood to moments when she learned some tough lessons about gender – and discovered the role models that would prompt her to become a feminist. I remember the first time I realised just how differently boys and girls are treated. I was six years old, long before Read more

STAR POems: All of Me

By Helen Larham   I have always loved him despite his neglect so when I stepped out onto the sea he bore my full weight, everything: All those times I had ventured in and they had laughed at my frantic back stroking and butterflying like a frog. My woollen costume expanding in the water corrugating, Read more

A Pompey Fat Chav Bites Back

Portsmouth writer Margaret Jennings offers some home truths on class, obesity and body image. Let’s look at my qualifications. 16 and a half stone, five foot seven inches and a BMI of 33.5. Obese – not just fat. And a chav by my understanding is someone you consider to be of a lower class than Read more

A Pompey Muso: Lost in America Part I

Portsmouth writer and S&C regular JS Adams recalls a frightening episode in his music career when he found himself stranded in Austin, Texas amid some dangerous characters, with only a hat and glasses to his name. It’s about nine at night, the sun has gone down and I am lost in Austin, Texas. It wouldn’t be Read more