Some People Are Bisexual: Get Over It

In this frank and personal essay, Siobhan Coleman responds to some of the common misconceptions about bisexuality. I was twelve years old when Rachel Riley replaced Carol Vorderman as the co-presenter of TV’s Countdown. I remember Rachel standing there in her little scarlet frock that only just about covered everything it needed to, her legs Read more

Being a Full Time Mother is Not a Source of Shame

Madeleine Hagan is a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Creative and Media Writing. Originally from North Carolina, she likes telling stories about her experiences as an international student on her blog The Salt Compass ( In her spare time she is a seaside coffee shop tourist, passport stamp collector, and aspiring novelist.   Read more

Dodging the ‘N Word’: Being Black and Female in (Mostly) White, Male Student Halls

What happens when a woman of colour from vibrant South London moves into a student flat in Portsmouth with a group of mostly white men? Dyanni Swhyer-Brown reveals all. I stared out of my window at the sunset shining through the gaps between the James Watson Hall and the surrounding buildings. I ducked at one Read more

Are GCSEs Bad for Portsmouth Students’ Mental Health?

This summer students will sit tougher GCSEs in English and maths. As the exam season looms on the horizon, Portsmouth GCSE student, Tanzeela Rahman, reports on the pressure on teenage students’ mental health as they prepare for exams. Balancing ten subjects all at the same time isn’t the easiest thing in the world. When every Read more

The Degree Dilemma

These days students choose between studying a subject that they love or one that could lead to a stable career. But in these difficult economic times how do we know for sure which subjects will result in employment after all that hard work and debt? And is going to university in your late teens or Read more

A Pompey Fat Chav Bites Back

Portsmouth writer Margaret Jennings offers some home truths on class, obesity and body image. Let’s look at my qualifications. 16 and a half stone, five foot seven inches and a BMI of 33.5. Obese – not just fat. And a chav by my understanding is someone you consider to be of a lower class than Read more

Disneyfied Disability: Are Kids’ Films Causing Bigotry?

Portsmouth-based writer and activist Paige Tabone is worried about the depictions of disabled people in some of our best-loved movies. Film and TV play an important role in shaping the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that emerge in our childhood and the ideas that we carry into adulthood. I don’t know about you but I got Read more

Hey Prime Minister, Leave Our Schools Alone

Portsmouth teacher and historian Dr Dave Allen considers forty years of changes in the education system in light of the current debate about the return of grammar schools. Imagine you’re at a social event, one of those where a person’s opening gambit is to ask ‘and what do you do?’ The security guards, fashion designers, brain Read more

Generation Coil

Although the contraceptive coil is no longer common in many countries, it remains popular in Britain. Portsmouth-based student Isabelle Bilton recounts the experience of having one fitted in a Portsmouth hospital in uncompromising detail. My hands shook as I typed the number for the clinic; the January cold had crept under the doors and filled Read more

An Open Letter to Donna Jones

In a letter to the Leader published exclusively on S&C, contributor Rosie Bremer takes a tongue in cheek look at the reduction in funding facility time passed by Portsmouth City Council on 14th February. Dear Mrs Jones, I’m so sorry I was unable to attend the recent Portsmouth City Council meeting discussing reducing facility time for Read more