Democracy in Portsmouth? It’d Be a Good Idea

In the wake of recent protests both local and global, journalist, political commentator and S&C editor Tom Sykes questions how representative our elected representatives really are – in Portsmouth and beyond. Criticisms of democracy have been around since the birth of democracy itself. But new questions are being asked in the West about how fair, Read more

War is Failure: An Interview with a Veteran for Peace Part III

The final part of Tom Sykes’ exclusive interview with Graham Horne, South East Coordinator for Veterans for Peace, touches upon state-corporate propaganda, US-UK war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and why Jeremy Corbyn isn’t anti-war enough. Tom Sykes: Various people have tried to sue the British armed forces for alleged war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more

‘How Can This Be?’ The Surreal New World of Donald Trump

When he heard the news of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, Portsmouth University cultural historian Dr Van Norris was forced to reckon with an uncomfortable new reality that feels weirder and more surreal than the weirdest and most surreal of films. Increasingly, these days I feel like Jack Nicholson at the finale of the excellent Noir Read more

We Care, But We Don’t Want You Here: A Message to Syrian Children

New S&C satirist Ash Jones unleashes his savagely satirical pen on April’s vote to refuse Syrian child refugees asylum in the UK, in which Pompey MP Flick Drummond sent a clear message to Syrian families with her ‘no’ vote. Back in May, Tory MPs surprised the public by unabashedly displaying at least an ounce of Read more

Eye on the News: Council Millions, Devolution and a US Billionaire

Local resident Mike Gumbrell turns his satirical eye to recent headlines, including Portsmouth City Council’s investment decisions, Solent devolution and of course, last week’s Donna Donald Trump election victory. Read more

Seeking Common Ground in Portsmouth: Why We Must Listen to Brexiters

CommonGround is a political organisation looking to build consensus on the future of Europe, post-Brexit and Portsmouth is one of ‘Ten Towns’ featured in their ongoing campaign. Director Eddie Morgan explains why Pompey should get involved in the discussion on where we go from here at an event on 14th November at Somerstown Hub. We Read more

War is Failure: An Interview with a Veteran for Peace Part II

In the second part of our exclusive interview, Veterans for Peace‘s Southeast of England Coordinator Graham Horne talks to Tom Sykes about combat stress, the relationship between the military and the education system and how the new Cold War might go hot. Tom Sykes: Would you say there’s a disconnect between the state’s attitude to Read more

War is Failure: An Interview with a Veteran for Peace Part I

Veterans for Peace (VfP) is a group of ex-military personnel committed to raising awareness about the human, social and economic costs of war. It is opposed to the use of war by any nation to achieve foreign policy objectives. VfP’s Southeast of England Coordinator Graham Horne recently spoke to Tom Sykes. Tom Sykes: Could you tell Read more

‘Not Your Meeting’: Democracy in the Council Chamber

S&C regular and pensions campaigner Shelagh Simmons highlights one in a series of failures of local democracy, following her experience at last week’s Full Council meeting. Additional reporting by Sarah Cheverton. The Solent Combined Authority and the Arts Lodge at Victoria Park were just two instances where public opinion was swept aside at the Full Read more

Got the Pompey Labour Blues? Join the Tories Instead!

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election, reactionary members of the Labour Party are pondering their next move. Sir Eugene Nicks, Policy Advisor to the All-Portsea Conservative, Regressive and Imperial Association (established 1799), has a proposal for them. As someone who was voted ‘Most Devout Tory in Portsmouth’ every single year from 1933 to 2015*, Read more