Post Mortem

By Jon Crout. Vaughn stared down Kennedy from the other end of the deserted, dust blown street. “Your portrayal of Chris Adams was too far removed from the original to be credibly considered the same character,” he called down the road. Kennedy narrowed his eyes and ran his thumbs along the top of his holster Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Tom Harris

We present an excerpt from chapter one of Tom Harris’ new novel, The Sweep, a fantasy adventure set in an alternative, steampunk-inspired London. This is a capital divided by wealth and corruption, run by a fractured law, where monsters haunt the night and where the downtrodden slave to survive; it is a time of Masters Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Chris Campbell

We continue our series showcasing the cream of the Portsmouth literary scene with ‘Delta 2418’, a riveting aviation adventure story by Chris Campbell. Delta 2418 was a normal transatlantic flight from Boston, Logan to London, Heathrow. It was an early evening flight and the Boeing 767 was full to capacity with a mixture of business Read more


By Jonathan Crout Emoji the clown had been part of the circus all of his life. He had taken over as head of this particular pratfall from his own father, who had also enjoyed a long life of happy clowning until his accident underneath the elephant. He sat, slouched and tired, still in full costume Read more

Pompey Reigns Victorious as Glastonbury ‘Hangs Up Wellies’

The music world was left stunned today due to Michael Eavis’ shock decision to never hold another Glastonbury music festival, reports resident satirist Claire Denise Udy. Michael Eavis gave a surprising press conference today on the future of the Glastonbury Festival, as international media and his award-winning cows looked on in shock. Blaming the over Read more

Donna Trump Wants St James’s Grounds for Solent City HQ

Our resident satirist, Claire Denise Udy, reports on a bizarre twist in the saga of the new Solent Authority. The leader of Portsmouth City Council, Donna Trump, today announced plans for the soon-to-be defunct grounds of St James’ Hospital to be bulldozed, and the Solent City headquarters to be built in their place. The HQ Read more

Portal Double Zero Part II

By Jon Crout Otto was allocated a bunk in a dormitory, and he only realised how much his aching body needed to rest once he was lying down. As he stretched out, he thought deeply about what he was finding out. Everything seemed great. Compared to what he was used to, problems were being solved, Read more

Portal Double Zero Part I

By Jon Crout Otto staggered to the toilets, as much for shelter as to answer a call of nature. Those recently reformed, sing-along baldies were coming to the end of their over-familiar set, and he was quite keen to get some respite from the persistent drizzle that had been soaking the crowd on the common Read more

A Corrupting Influence Part II

By Laszlo Dumitrescu. Now I am a member of the club, I send driver to Southsea to fetch a case of vodka. We drink shots, and because he is a special friend I make Sir Philip drink his shot through the eye. He scream ‘bloody hell,’ and ‘Christ, you fucker.’ Police commissioner John Griffiths and Read more

The Siege of Somerstown Part III

The Siege of Somerstown: Being a Portion of the Records of a General of the Fifth Hants Involuntary Air Rifles Concerning an Infantry Sortie on Behalf of the Crown and Portsmouth City Council’s Department of Colonial Warfare After leading an infantry charge against the recalcitrant subjects of the Empire’s outer reach – or Somerstown to Read more