Hurrah for the DUP! An Election Reflection with Sir Eugene Nicks 

Many Conservatives are concerned about their parliamentary party’s new deal with a hard right-wing, terrorism-linked outfit from Northern Ireland. Not so our regular pundit Sir Eugene Nicks, QC, KBE.  Good Lord that election was a close shave, wasn’t it? We almost had for PM that buffoon who looks like he’s just staggered out of a Read more

Election ’17: A Doddering Mob of Cringeworthy Cretins

Looking for a General Election commentator known for his honesty, integrity and rationality? Sir Eugene Nicks, QC, KBE, falls some way short of those standards, but S&C is an equal opportunities employer so we let him have a go anyway. As you might be dimly aware, readers – and most of you are rather dim, let’s be honest – Read more

A Slice of Toast

By Christine Lawrence There I am, one day, just walking back from dropping my car off at the workshop, feeling really good about myself and determined to enjoy the morning sun. I’m thinking about losing weight and wondering how long it’ll take to get home. The walk should take about an hour, I figure, when Read more


By Chris Campbell. Robert was in his early sixties and had lived alone since his wife had died almost two years ago. He had a daughter who lived in Eastbourne, down on the south coast of England. He lived on the outskirts of Oxford only two streets away from where he was born. He had Read more

What Donna Can Learn From Donald

In the spirit of boosting the ‘special relationship’, Sir Eugene Nicks KBE of the All-Portsmouth Conservative, Regressive and Imperial Association (established 1799), celebrates the similarities between the leader of Portsmouth City Council and the new leader of the Free World. Isn’t this a whizzo time to be alive, readers? Me old mucker and business partner Read more

Post Mortem

By Jon Crout. Vaughn stared down Kennedy from the other end of the deserted, dust blown street. “Your portrayal of Chris Adams was too far removed from the original to be credibly considered the same character,” he called down the road. Kennedy narrowed his eyes and ran his thumbs along the top of his holster Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Tom Harris

We present an excerpt from chapter one of Tom Harris’ new novel, The Sweep, a fantasy adventure set in an alternative, steampunk-inspired London. This is a capital divided by wealth and corruption, run by a fractured law, where monsters haunt the night and where the downtrodden slave to survive; it is a time of Masters Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Chris Campbell

We continue our series showcasing the cream of the Portsmouth literary scene with ‘Delta 2418’, a riveting aviation adventure story by Chris Campbell. Delta 2418 was a normal transatlantic flight from Boston, Logan to London, Heathrow. It was an early evening flight and the Boeing 767 was full to capacity with a mixture of business Read more


By Jonathan Crout Emoji the clown had been part of the circus all of his life. He had taken over as head of this particular pratfall from his own father, who had also enjoyed a long life of happy clowning until his accident underneath the elephant. He sat, slouched and tired, still in full costume Read more

Pompey Reigns Victorious as Glastonbury ‘Hangs Up Wellies’

The music world was left stunned today due to Michael Eavis’ shock decision to never hold another Glastonbury music festival, reports resident satirist Claire Denise Udy. Michael Eavis gave a surprising press conference today on the future of the Glastonbury Festival, as international media and his award-winning cows looked on in shock. Blaming the over Read more