Social Cinema: Fast Flash Frenetic Film

Portsmouth University student Chloe Franks salutes an extraordinary new genre that is revolutionising the way we watch and judge films and television programmes. There’s a man stumbling along the middle of a deserted road, back to the camera. His hair is dark and he wears a pristine black suit. His left foot drags a little Read more

Is Portsmouth the Birthplace of British Rock & Roll?

For this summer’s Portsmouth Festivities, our new Contributing Editor Dr Dave Allen was invited to give a talk on the topic ‘Portsmouth’s unique musical heritage’. His immediate response was that he didn’t think Portsmouth’s musical heritage is unique… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t significant. To prepare for the talk, I started to think about Read more

Pens, Project Management and Portsmouth Plugged In

Charlotte Comley reports on her recent experiences as the Project Manager for Portsmouth Plugged In, a collaboration between writers and filmmakers. The theme of this year’s Portsmouth Festivities was Electricity, and for ten days the city celebrated arts, culture and heritage on this theme through over 100 events delivered in 32 venues across the city. Read more

INSIDE: A Pompey Gamer’s Walkthrough

Portsmouth gamer Toxic Buddha takes on a thrilling new animated game, INSIDE, named “Best Independent Game” in the Game Critics Awards. INSIDE follows the journey of a small boy running from a series of mysterious strangers, worm-infested animals and zombie-like humans who appear to have been the victim of a horrific experiment. The game, developed Read more

Jack Kerouac: Why the King of the Road Didn’t Want his Crown

Portsmouth-based blogger and critic Jordan Osborne looks at the less romantic aspects of Beat icon Jack Kerouac’s cultural legacy. ‘What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the Read more

From Student Blog to Graphic Adventure

Nica Tomasiello discusses her exciting new project to turn her blog about life as a University of Portsmouth student into an innovative graphic novel. Some of you have already heard of J.A.S.I.P. at least a couple of times on Star & Crescent. For those who haven’t, follow the link to experience seven degrees of awesome. Like the Read more

Live! Tonight! In Portsmouth! Possibly…

Presented by TS Evinrude, Gorgeous Cretin and Omnimoda Music. There’s a ticket tonight that is hotter than quark-gluon plasma. It’s the only place to be. It’s the lateral earache epitome. It’s the auditory equivalent of a Dutch ping-pong volcano. It’s the fossilized clitoris of the lady in the lake. It’s hair colouring rampant with a legless Read more

Welcome To The Virtual World, Portsmouth

JS Adams explores virtual reality at the White Elephant in Southsea and finds himself imagining the potential of a whole new (virtual) world. I am at the White Elephant in Cromwell Road Southsea, home to an arts community and shop. A small unassuming place, White Elephant holds a new porthole, a star gate, a digital Read more

The Ever-Present Spinnaker Tower – A Photo Journal

Local photographer Piers McEwan places the Spinnaker Tower in his sights in this reflective piece about one of Portsmouth’s best known landmarks. Through a lens it’s an easy target.  Obvious.  Anyone could take its picture, right?  And they do.  Selfies with it, shots from the viewing platform, shots from below looking up to enhance its Read more

Ash Steps (Title Withheld)

Portsmouth-based artist Jeannie Driver writes about her latest exhibition, Ash Steps, showing at the Bank Space Gallery, London. Ash Steps was made in response to the context and architectural features of the Bank Space Gallery and created onsite for the exhibition, Preparing the Site, curated by Emma Vardi and Anna Warberton. The exhibition explores how Read more