Eye on Portsmouth: Playing with the Pompey Patois

Meditations on Marx, Pompey architecture and translating the local lingo. Local resident Mike Gumbrell turns his satirical eye to some of Pompey’s unique foibles. Read more

Review: The Journalism of HG Wells: An Annotated Bibliography

Portsmouth University senior lecturer Tom Sykes reviews a recent bibliography of the works of HG Wells, who, before he was famous, worked as a draper’s apprentice in Portsmouth in the 1880s. There’s the aroma of a labour of love about this first ever full-scale Wells bibliography. Its compiler, the late US scholar David C Smith, spent Read more

The Case of the Naval Expert and the Missing MP

A number of authors, such as Rudyard Kipling and HG Wells, have connections with Southsea, although they wrote little, or nothing while they lived there. Frederick Thomas Jane (1865-1916), the eponymous founder of Jane’s Fighting Ships, produced some twenty books while dwelling in Southsea and gained a worldwide audience in the process. Portsmouth-based historian Richard Brooks Read more

Portsmouth Writers’ Season: Alison Habens

Novelist, academic and S&C Contributing Editor, Alison Habens discusses her creative intervention into the life and times of a legendary Portsmouth author. I was walking along Kings Road, on the last day of summer or the first day of autumn, just back from my tropical holiday in time for a new term to begin. September Read more

Achievement Unlocked: How to Speak Pompey

Anyone can spell something correctly, but it takes real skillz to spell things in Pomponian, our mother tongue. Mike Gumbrell levels up with this unique take on a North End street. Read more

You Say You Want a Revolution (Part II)

In the second of a special series of articles, cultural historian Dr Dave Allen looks back at Portsmouth in the late 1960s, a heady scene of hippies, hallucinogens and high quality music. San Francisco, London and other hip centres of the western world celebrated their ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967 after which we are told, Read more

You Say You Want a Revolution (Part I)

But did we? asks Portsmouth pop historian Dr Dave Allen in this first part of a series of articles on the impact of ’60s counterculture on our city, the legendary Birdcage venue playing a key role. Who wanted a revolution? Well John Lennon for one, since the enquiry comes directly from his lyrics to ‘Revolution’ Read more

The Curse of Noel Gallagher

While Manic Street Preachers headlined the Common Stage on the first evening of Victorious Festival in Southsea, the spotlight on Sunday was on Noel Gallagher’s much anticipated High Flying Birds. Giada Nizzoli was there. Now, if you were there for other bands in general or if you happened to find yourself by the Common Stage Read more

Behind the Scenes at the Victorious Festival

Having attracted a mammoth 120,000 people last weekend, the Victorious Festival has truly put Portsmouth on the musical map. In the run-up to the big event Maddie Wallace went behind the scenes to talk to the organisers about all the hard work involved in Portsmouth’s premier annual feast of culture and entertainment. James Ralls (38), Read more

Social Cinema: Fast Flash Frenetic Film

Portsmouth University student Chloe Franks salutes an extraordinary new genre that is revolutionising the way we watch and judge films and television programmes. There’s a man stumbling along the middle of a deserted road, back to the camera. His hair is dark and he wears a pristine black suit. His left foot drags a little Read more